Licking a stranger woman through lingerie? Yes, please!

alasti naine

I’m pouring myself wet, let him touch me rough, pull my hair, slap and spit on my face.

I wrote the same thing on my Onlyfans account too, but I think that you won’t mind me asking your opinion here as well. So, guys and chicks. Is the topic below exciting for you or am I just the stranger one again?🤦‍♀️

So, read this …

It’s not a news for you that I have some strange moods time after time🙄 . Recently, It’s crazy lascivious for me when a guy licks me through clothes. 👅  I guess you understand. I put an über sexy clothing on which drives a guy totally crazy and then I push his face into my cunt on between the butt. I pour myself wet, let him touch me rough, pull my hair, slap me and spit on my face.

I like this crazy extreme feeling and energy. I want a guy to fuck me like a beast, rough. My business is to be quiet and do as he says.  This is not a treatment of an inferiority complex. Extreme and that real raw fuck just excites me so much since it is so genuine and without any mawkish behaviour filter. I am just convinced that many of you feel a strong urge to be just as you are.

A short hour of a rough game and you’re so chill for several days👌💋 .

I’m adding here some pictures of me and my brand-new clothing I’m wearing. It’s just a sample of what I wear when I do something like this. With the same outfit but other gallery is here too:

Sex in the wasteland. How I went to “sunbathe” with a stranger guy. 19 pictures and 3 videos. 

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