Sex in the wasteland. How I went to “sunbathe” with a stranger guy. 19 pictures and 3 videos.

hoor tallinn

We both were fuming of sweat and oil which had splashed everywhere. I was panting and whispering: finish yourself in the ass! I had a strange feeling that someone was walking in a high grass. But yet still, I couldn’t stop, we were about to finish.

So, cuties. I have been away a bit. But meanwhile, nothing significant has happened either to write about …

… until the very last weekend 🤦‍♀️

I have been chatting here with different guys. Although I get a lot of invitations, I don’t rush. I meet in two cases only: 1) if I a friendship-like relationship and sympathy is developing; 2) I am bloody horny and ready to take anyone who would fuck me like a hell.

This weekend was the case number 2 🤷‍♀️.

So, it was morning-time, I logged in and checked, what’s up. I felt so excited already and a tickling feeling in my belly. Right after I had opened a message box, I had received a message which invited me to go sunbathing. In fact, I didn’t even hesitate. I just told him to pick me up.

In one hour, a car was in front of the door and his surprise was big when I declared him that I had “THIS thing under my dress” and that I knew one wasteland nearby. No talk, no sunbathing (otherwise I’d still have been supposed to talk to you). You just photograph me, I suck you clean and maybe we’d fuck. If it’s okay, then …

I had already decided that if the guy is adequate, I will give him a pussy.  Actually, I just wanted to get a dick and no talk. In a car, the guy tried to start a conversation. I answered, but actually I had driven myself so horny with my thoughts that I was totally confused. I just wanted this to be over already 🤦‍♀️.

So, we drove in one separated place where I had been before. I took my yellow dress off, put a flannel down and asked the guy to take some pics of me, with my phone. He was so excited of my leotard-like clothing with kisses and me too. I kneeled down, in front of the guy and asked him to put some oil on my tits. He did it. I told him to put some more. He did it. I got even more horny. Don’t be shy, pour some more, on my clothes, too, I wanted everything to dribble. He was obedient, gulping permanently and his dick under my nose was so hard already. I took his pants off and started sucking. He finished himself right away. As it happened so fast, a half of his liquid had splashed into my mouth, the rest on my tits.

I stood up, turned my dripping ass to his nose. He was bending this time. He was licking my cunt for a few minutes and an ass through my clothes. I pushed my face hard between his butt. It was the best 💋💋 and the guy seemed to enjoy it as well.

Cmon, show me any man who doesn’t like to push his face and tongue between female’s butt through a half-transparent lingerie like this. And wet, too.

Okay, I was a bit disappointed – is it all? I hadn’t even got it started yet 🤦‍♀️. Anyways, he still had it hard after he had finished. We kissed a bit and then I pushed him on the back on the flannel. The sun was burning pleasurably. I placed myself onto him, so that I could push my cunt on his face and then suck him – 69 pose. I still had my lingerie on and he practically sucked me through that transparent clothing. Anyways, that dick was super hard !!!

I took a doggy pose and I let the guy to fuck my cunt like a hell. Again, I did it without a condom. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Good bitch, BEBE🤦‍♀️ The guy was a bit shy and gentle with me, but I encouraged him to be a bit more rough and finally he was a total beast. Do you want to fuck me in the ass?, I asked straight. He answered that he had never tried it. I suggested him to do it. That situation was pretty funny. He was pretty young, in my opinion. But he became braver and at the end, the touch was pretty good. After a couple of minutes of an anal sex I felt that he was coming to an end. Fuck, we both were fuming of sweat and the oil which had splashed everywhere. Breathing, I whispered: finish in the ass!. I had a feeling that someone was walking behind a high grass. But despite that I couldn’t stop, we were about to finish. The guy was fucking like a beast and finally, he shot his second amount of liquid into my anal.

Pretty soon after that, we were laying together on the flannel, panting and watching in the sky.

It was pretty rough sex actually. To be honest, I would have wanted him to get away and leave me alone there. Unfortunately, I still had to let him to drive me home. He did it.

I don’t know yet, if we still meet with you, but we’ll see. It was a crazy sex, but I would have wanted it even harder. I don’t like gentleness.

I’m adding here an amount of pictures of that nice half transparent leotard which was soaked of oil and slobber. Does anyone have ideas, what else could I do with this clothing?

But here you can see some pictures and videos:

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