How much for this best big booty? VIDEO

best big booty

How much would you pay to fuck this best big booty?

I receive tons of messages from men who wanna pay for fucking my best big booty. Or just wanna be my sponsors or lovers. I ignore them mostly, because they approach me in a wrong way.  

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Men, you wanna know what you do wrong? Let me tell you.

You approach m in a wrong way: you message me a’la let’s meet and I’ll pay you 300 dollars etc. This sounds like: hey, chick, I have money but I won’t show it unless I can’t fuck your best big booty.

It’s lame, as in a nightclub you approach a sexy girl a’la come for a dance with me, then I’ll by you a cocktail. It sounds gross, like a’la kiss me, then I’ll show you my Tesla etc. 🙅‍♀️

Women’s strategy is a bit different. You have to start with a cocktail and the next step is dance, another drink and –  at the end of the evening, this chick is fucking you like no tomorrow.

The same thing is when you message me. First of all, give me some tip, make gifts etc. Show that you’re open and cool guy. And then, some day, you see the chick sittng on your dick. And you can see her best big booty and lingerie.  But by then, you have spent 80 dollars, not 300 dollars.

That’s how most chick’s strategy works.

No need to approach with your 300 dollars. Create your imago and right approach first. 👄

Ok, enough of chit-chat. Watch my longest sex video so far. 12 min of hardcore porn. Enjoy my best big booty and sexy lingerie.

Bye guys and leave me some tip etc 💋

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