If I was your lover, our date would look like this!


Your phone is ringing on the nightstand – girlfriend is calling! It’s getting on your nerves, but also exciting. It’s wet everywhere and dribbling. Big dick is moving strong back and forth. You cum inside my asshole, it’s bubbling and dribbling. I’m your lover today.

You want me to be your lover? Then read it carefully below, I’m telling you exactly how I want us to meet.  

It’s Saturday. You kinda excuse yourself at home and come to my place. I’m waiting for you in the bed as you can see in the picture below. The door is unlocked. You have an access to my room as always.

You take your shoes off and come to my bedroom. In my bed. A wet lover whore with long legs and red high heels and silk nightgown on is ready for you … Just like fucking a sexy lover from behind – what a POV!

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