How I was busted by my boyfriend … cheating :O

Petmine öösärk lits

I was totally shocked. I told you not to cum inside today. I could get pregnant that way …

As for the spring I remember a sex case which happened two years ago in the staircase. I cheated my guy. It was so crazy. But, what actually happened then?

I guess it was May. I remember that it took place on a workday between 9 and 10 am, the sun was shining and someone was mowing grass outside. I remember so clearly the noise of the grass cutter reaching the staircase.

I used to live with my guy near to one hotel, right next to a hospital. We had a small two-room rental apartment. Nothing fancy – soviet-style checked parquette floor, but the apartment was pretty light. In that morning, the weather was pretty nice. The sun was shining into the room that morning.

I was sleeping with my guy in the bed as usual. I remember that it was 6:48 am when my phone was vibrating next to my pillow. One guy had texted me.

I had met him before and even had sex for once. Basically I cheated my boyfriend with him… Literally, that guy messaged me that he was horny and asked if we could meet right then.

I answered that I was still sleeping with my boyfriend right next to me, cmon. We were talking about nothing and I had already gone out of the bed to the kitchen. Practically I was sitting there at the table with pink, silk nightgown on. A very short one. I was sprawling there, on the stool, chatting with that guy. The window of the kitchen was open, because it was so warm. There was such a warm weather outside and the morning-cool spring was in the air.

So, we were texting there until that guy drove me so horny with his talk. I asked if he really wanted to fuck. The guy answered: YES! I answered that I even hadn’t showered. He answered that he wanted to smell a sweaty woman right from the bed and a wet morning-pussy. That was the moment I couldn’t resist any more. I felt that horny feeling inside me again and I wanted to fuck with the stranger. I proposed to meet downstairs to see if we could do it in a cellar.


And then I got an answer… come downstairs!

In 30 min I received a message that he was waiting downstairs, at the door. It was already 9 past.  There were some people at the stairs and the noise of the grass cutter reached inside. I was back to the bed, next to my boyfriend. It was getting cool in the kitchen. He was still sleeping, but it was clear that not for a long time. Wtf I was doing – that’s what I was thinking. I was sitting quietly on the bed about a minute, trying to realise if my bf was sleeping or not.  Then I returned to the kitchen and just chilled there. I listened … he was probably still sleeping. I unlocked the door quietly… and I went downstairs with slippers on. My heart was dumping like a hell. I felt fear and excitement in the same time.

I opened the door downstairs, we talked a bit near postboxes. I still had my pink, super short nightgown and slippers on.  I had my pants on, but no bra. My nipples were so hard and horny, so seen through the nightgown. We were listening if there was any movement by a neighbour or anyone else. “Follow me!”, I whispered to the guy and we went to the cellar.  Kind of bikes and other stuff was kept there.  The guy didn’t wait anymore. We had to hurry. We were kissing like a hell for a while and in the same time I took his cock out. Since he was wearing sportswear, it was easy.  I hunkered down and started to such his dick so that I was dripping. This dripping was on purpose and I like it that way. He was fucking like a hell deep into my throat. Seemed like he hadn’t had sex for a year. A horny animal got his whore in the morning.

Then that guy pushed me so that my one leg was on the step. If someone had opened the outside door, we would have been seen. But that pose was good, so I asked him ti lick my asshole and he was so close.I always ask to lick it when I realise that it’s gonna turn into anal sex and there is no lubricant. Not a single guy has rejected me yet. They just push their face in the ass under my dress and lick. I wanted the guy to splash on the floor or right inside my ass. None of them happened. But we’ll talk about it later.

Since we were really afraid to be busted by some neighbour, I took his cock into my mouth again and sucked it hard again. Then I spitted on his hard cock, turned my ass and he pushed his hard dick into my cunt. I guess it lasted just for few minutes.  Anyways, I was pretty sure that someone was about to enter. We would have fucked some more and had some anal sex, but the guy got orgasm too soon. He grabbed my hips and splashed a big amount of cum inside me.

Here you can find an earlier video where a stranger was touching me: A new Estonian porn star in Onlyfans –  why am I doing this? VIDEO

But, back to the topic…

I was so shocked. I told him not to cum inside me that day. I could have got pregnant that way.

Finish inside ass or just on the floor. Anyways, I couldn’t resist that day and so he had a cum inside my cunt.

That cum was so strong that it was dripping down my feet. Like a monthly amount of sperm, I guess… I only remember saying “goodbye” and then we went apart. I was clomping upstairs with wet pants in my hands. In the slippers, nightgown on, the sperm of a stranger dripping down my legs. I was so fucked up. Pregnant as well, for sure. I’m sorry, but I was feeling awful. The only thing I had in my head was if my boyfriend was still asleep.  What if I just sneaked into the room, right to the shower and just tried to forget about what just had happened. Unfortunately, the horror was in the beginning. My mind told me that I had been busted. My fear was so big that I realised that if I had taken a shower then, obviously I would have been fucked by a total stranger. That fear inside me, I decided to go straight to the bed. I was creeping silently under the cover, next to my boyfriend. My heart was dumping inside and I felt the hot sperm still leaking out of me on the sheet. That was the moment I started to feel the perfume of that stranger. Fuck, I had been a total dumb! And then… in the middle of that spring-mood silence, I heard the question: “What did you do there, downstairs?”.

So, that was the day when me, horny blondie, was busted.

The thing was that he had understood in the bed already that something was going on. He actually wasn’t asleep. Right after I had left outside, he woke up and listened all that show from the fifth floor. I doubt that he understood the words, but he still heard the action. The staircase had a good echo and even a smallest noise could reach upstairs.  Everything was clear like a crystal. He even saw that guy from the window when he was leaving. At least that’s what he told me.

We broke up

I conclusion, it was one of the strongest adrenaline shots of my life. That cheating, public place, quarrel, break-up… You can judge me now or do what you want, but the queen of whores has spoken. I’ve wanted to write this story for a long time. Now I did it.

Well, bye 👄

You can see a bit porn here too. It’s weird how one guy put his fingers inside me. How would you like to fuck like this?

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