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We can see their sex appeal. Men can see that. Long legs, big boobs, sexy body, walk … I wanna see a man with no reeaction. Is this #metoo really a sensation?

Have you heard about #metoo? This hashtag has beccome a sensation encouraging many females around the world, but besides that, disturbing lives of men. Just because someone decided that your look or hand was at a wrong place at wrong time. But what is this #metoo actually?

I’ve been thinking about it. Well, no one likes harrasment or inappropriate attention. But isn’t this #metoo thing a bit too much? A lot of drama or something?

Women are pretty. Men know it and we all do. We can see their sex appeal. Men can see it. Long legs, big boobs, sexy body, walk … Naughty toughts are easy coming. But women have starte dto overdramatize it. I am a woman, I am talking now. Yes, #metoo is a good thing sometimes to prevent harassing and encourage women to stick up for thmselves and speak up sometimes if they feel so. But, yet still, I guess that women has a part of it too. How show-off you are? How do you dress? If you show it off, then no wonder why you get unexpected attention. What to do? Necessity, right? Sexy woman, masculine instincts. What’s the big deal then? Women has right to say NO. And, btw, don’ worrry, cuz 70% of you aren’t even that attractive for men turning their heads and stariing at you. No offence, but it’s the truth.

i am one of those chicks with big boobs, sexy body and sex appeal, even a bit vulgar. From the moment I put mini skirt on, I am gazed. My long legs and sexy ass are so show off then, men are eating me with eyes, fuckingg me right there in the street in their dreams. But, you know what, I don’t care. I know how to say NO and I don’t overdramatize someone’s inappropriate look or random naughty comments. I’ve had many naughty messages, you can see some of them here: Why do I ttalk dirty here and in Onlyfans? So you see. PHOTOS!

In my early 20’s i used to work in a nightclub as a bartender. I had an über mini skirt on, a top I was wearing, barely covered my tits. My big boobs were big that time already, every man nearby would have grabbed them right there, squeezing them like no tomorrow. And then, take off my top and reveal my big boobs and nipples, lick them hard and then reveal my big sexy butt (I had just strings under mini, barely covering my cunt) … put me on the bar table and fuck me hard … more … more … ahh, one, two, three … dick inside, back and forth … skirt is upside … never mind, people were too drunk to notice anyway.
Btw, you can see me wearing a mini skirt and showing my catwalk here: Wow, I’m wet! See those long legs, bathroom photoshoot + 22 photos!  

Yeet still, I wasn’t available for every drunk guy who wanted to grab me. Yes, not even me, a nympth, likes it. I can say NO if I want to. And I didn’t go to social media, complaining and whining, and not making myself as a victim, that I was harrassed etc. A’la “omg, someone told me naughty stuff and tried to grab me while wearing naughty clothes” … what’s the point?  So what? Women know how to put cards on the table. I’m just a sexy chick with a sex appeal who likes sex, but who can say NO, if needed. So, this #metoo is sometimes a bit too much. Isn’t it? Keep calm, babes, stick up for yourself and know who you are and what you want. Less drama, babes!

Be confident, independent and know your value. And have a sex if you want to. And, men, don’t yet be afraid to propose, keep calm too. Not all chicks are drama queens. Just be open, but know the limits. Also, besides, there are women who like naughty comments and sexy women on Onlyfans site who have sex appeal and like attention. Below you’ll see some videos of me. You’ll see me fingering and fucking myself, oil dribbling down my cunt an butt … I’m enjoying warm flowing shower and oil flowing as a milk down my butt and legs. See me and jerk off, that’s why I’m here for, right?  Enjoy, write in pm. Tell me about your fantasies, naughty stuff etc. My content is yours. And no #metoo here, this time:)

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