NEW MESSAGE! Now I’m totally wet and very naughty! 26 pics

very naughty

Grabbing your hair back while my fingers are inside your mouth … Mmm, that’s so sexy … you’re moaning and panting, I’m very naughty, your cunt is full of my cum … 

I just came from gym. Actually, I’m wet and very naughty already, but then I saw that message !!! More messages like this, please! This is exactly the sex of my sick fantasies! 😍😍😍 

NB! You’ll see a wet gallery of me below. Take a look of how I was very naughty and fucked in a hotel room and cummed on me. Photographed just recently. So, it’s pretty recent stuff 💋 As for naughty messages, I’ve received them before too: Why do I talk so naughty here and in Onlyfans? So you see … PHOTOS Updating … But let’s talk about the message now …

Christo wrote:

… we decided to meet in the morning … gonna pick you up, first time meeting you – so sexy and irresistible … driving a car … you have sexy long boots on, mini-skirt … coat and sexy top under … while driving you notice my hard dick … you take a glance at it and I notice that … my hand is touching you gently … moving down between your legs … we’re arrived at your house … hugs and kiss … you’re about to get out of the car and suddenly you ask if I want to come upstairs for a coffee? Yes, sure!

We’re getting upstairs … you bend down to take off your boots … Feeling very naughty already … I put my hand on your back to keep you bending and I tell you to show your cunt … you take off my skirt and reveal my horny pussy, I’m murmuring, satisfied and and tell you to take off your pants. You’re doing it, then I want you to spread your sexy ass. I’m watching your pussy and telling you that you’ve got such a pretty, silky cunt, I’m slipping it with my fingers for once and then put you on the bed, ass up … stepping back to watch it … just watch.

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