Oops! Your girlfriend has a lover or two! What to do?:O

alasti naine

I know at least one or two good-looking women who has a lover. Just to have a good dick sometimes.

Imagine that you’ll find out that your girlfriend has a lover, meets other guys, creates porn in Onlyfans?  Well, it’s not just a cup of tea, but your loyal girlfriend wants to be fucked like a hell. And enjoys it like crazy.

She finishes like this with a stranger. Cheating is something spicy.

How would you react? Would you accept your gf doing it? Exciting? Or driving you jealous like crazy? Is it happened to you? Did your relationship continue?

Please write in comments and I’m gonna tell my story. I’ve been busted before with a lover, having sex in my room and downstairs while my boyfriend was sleeping upstairs etc. I have told about it before here:

How I was busted by my boyfriend … cheating :O

I have had a relationship based on porn … he enjoyed watching how another guy was fucking me. Perfect for me because I enjoy being watched fucking. The feeling … like a whore in a sex tape.

I know at least two good-looking women who cheat their boyfriend just for a good big dick. Feeling how a masculine body wants them, being their fuckbuddy for two hours in a row at least. Feeling gentle, vulnerable and desired. The latter is something you can’t get at home.

She goes out with his girlfriends once a mont, then life is good again and her own guy is the best one.

Lover – this is something, to release hormones and to let the steam out. It’s kinda cruel, but after that, the feeling is calm, ready to concentrate on work and family. Some of us are doing yoga, going to gym … everyone has it’s own business.

Tell me more about you, plz💋 NB! Other women, you’re also welcome to share you thoughts 🤭.

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